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Inbound Marketing Simplified by a Story

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Sep 18, 2016 11:39:51 AM


Inbound Made Easy…

Sometimes it’s just easier to understand how something works by putting yourself in the place of someone who’s living it.  I was just looking for a way to simplify our Inbound Marketing strategy to a new client, and it accidentally turned into this blog post.

Mary was sitting around looking through her Facebook newsfeed. In between the pictures of cats, the latest political tirade, and what her neighbors had for dinner, she sees a sponsored post “Start Your Career in Nursing Today!”

She clicks on it and goes to a landing page offering more information about careers in nursing and how to get started. She’s intrigued by the thought of starting a career that she is passionate about, so she fills out and submits the form with her name and email address so that she can receive the free eBook “Your Nursing Career Starts Today!”

Sample-eBook.jpgShe instantly gets an email with the link where she can download her eBook. The book talks about all the opportunities in the nursing field, and of course, all the advantages of a Pacific College education…complete with contact information and everything she needs to get started.

A couple of days later, she gets an intentionally personalized looking email that says “Hi Mary, I know that you are interested in a career in nursing, so here are a few statistics that I thought might interest you” (Perhaps some information on salaries, or job satisfaction in the nursing field, etc.).

A week later, she gets another “personal” email with information about careers in nursing. Week after that, some more interesting (non-sales information), and so on.

Long about the 4th or 5th email, she gets an invitation to attend a webinar, or Open House or to talk directly with a career counselor, etc. 

Mary accepts the invitation, and takes the next step towards enrolment.

(What happened behind the scenes)

When Mary first saw that Facebook sponsored post, she wasn’t actively looking for a career in anything at that particular moment. She was actually at the top of the “Sales Funnel”. She was the one that “Opted in”, thus making her more receptive to what we were about to send her.

Once she submitted that form to get her free eBook, she went into our contacts database. At that point our Marketing Automation strategy and software took over.

Each of the emails that Mary received was pre-written long before she ever saw our Facebook post. The software automatically inserts her name to personalize the message. Each message was strategically designed to build credibility, and “earn” the right to sell her on the concept of education in the nursing field.

How did we know to show our Facebook post to Mary in the first place? Well based on our Buyer Persona’s (fictitious representations of an ideal customer) we know our ideal candidate for enrolment had certain demographic traits and interests. Based on that data, we strategically set up our Facebook filters to market only to the Mary’s of the world.

Another Typical Scenario…

Whereas Mary was at the top of the Sales Funnel (Awareness), Kathy already knows what she wants to do with her life and career. She actively searches on Google for “fnp online program” and goes directly to the website to learn more. Since Kathy is farther down the sales process she just picks up the phone and calls to get more information.

Of course, she may want to download the eBook or fill out a contact form instead. Either way, she too will start receiving “personalized” emails.

So what do you think? Was the concept of Inbound Marketing easier to understand as you walked through it step-by-step with Mary?  

No, Inbound Marketing is not for every business. Typically products and services requiring some degree of consideration are better candidates. If you’re not sure, get hold of me, and we’ll go over your story together.Buyer Persona Worksheet Download



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