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Charter School Marketing Tips

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on May 7, 2017 4:56:22 PM

Here’s a Tip… Answer the Phone!

Does your charter school, private school or college rely on phone calls to keep your enrollments up? Are you answering every call? Don’t worry, you have an answering machine, right? Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not good enough. Here’s why…

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How Do I Choose the Best Domain Name?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jan 22, 2017 6:58:59 PM

Digital Marketing 101: Domain Names

Selecting the perfect domain name is crucial to your marketing efforts because the cost of changing it in the future can be very painful. Not only will it be part of your company brand, the name can actually influence consumers and search engines. If you change it in the future you may have to go back and update all of your collateral material, and even worse, negate any search engine influence that you built up over time.

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How Much Does a Website Cost?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Dec 18, 2016 4:42:50 PM

The Search for the Elusive Website Pricing Model

How much does a website cost? Good question. How much does a car cost? How much does food cost? Lobster tails are food, but then again, so are Raman Noodles. Truth be told, I have a good reason for not having a good answer. Read on.

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The Worst Marketing Advice I Ever Got

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Nov 6, 2016 5:00:00 AM

Be Different…Just Like Everyone Else

I wasn’t always a marketing genius, and I’ve been known to seek out the advice of others. Generally I’ve found that to be a good policy.

When I first got started…in my pre “marketing genius” days, my first attempt at advertising was using the yellow pages. Ironic since I was starting a web design company. Back then the Yellow Pages were relevant, and websites weren’t.

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5 Signs it’s Time for a Website Update

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Oct 9, 2016 5:05:22 PM

What Happened? My Website Didn’t Used to Suck

You paid good money for that website…back when fax machines were relevant. And damn it, the longer you keep it, the better that decision was!  Problem is, there’s a point of diminishing returns, and missed opportunities. So how do you know when it’s time to pull the plug? Glad you asked:

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RFP doesn't Mean Respect For People

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Sep 25, 2016 2:47:00 PM

Thoughts on Wasting Everyone’s Time

I get the occasional RFP (Request For Proposal)…it says so, right there in the subject line of the email! Oh the thrill… our next best customer just sought us out for no particular reason. High fives all around!

With two parts anticipation, one part skepticism, and the ubiquitous drum roll playing faintly in the back of my head, I open it up. Which version will I get? The one with 6 pages of fill in the blanks with information that is easily obtainable on our website, followed by 11 pages of requirements based on outdated SEO techniques? Or perhaps it’s the hyper-focused version where the requirements are so rigid that only the incumbent agency could be qualified?  

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Topics: Prospecting, Business Management

Inbound Marketing Simplified by a Story

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Sep 18, 2016 11:39:51 AM

Inbound Made Easy…

Sometimes it’s just easier to understand how something works by putting yourself in the place of someone who’s living it.  I was just looking for a way to simplify our Inbound Marketing strategy to a new client, and it accidentally turned into this blog post.

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How do I start my Digital Marketing Plan?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Sep 11, 2016 4:39:59 PM

If You don’t Have Time to do it Right….

Know Where You Stand BEFORE You Spend a Dime

Chasing buzz-words and shiny objects has a tendency to lead you right back where you started…with less resources to try it again.

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How Much Does NOT Marketing Cost?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jul 6, 2016 7:18:15 AM


The Death Spiral: Failure is NOT a Strategy

This is a tough piece to write because it probably won’t have a happy ending. What prompted this is a decision that one of our client’s made just days ago.

It’s a Glass & Mirror shop down in San Diego that has been struggling for a while. They made some poor marketing decisions in the past, and I fear they just made another one.

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Digital Marketing: Who’s in Charge of this Thing?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jun 7, 2016 8:00:04 AM

Having a website is not a strategy. Neither is hope…

Websites don’t age gracefully. They just sort of get old. Websites don’t just get found because of divine intervention…somebody’s got to drive this thing.

You can hire an intern, hand it off to your staff, or hand it off to a professional. Each of these choices has their own unique advantages and repercussions.

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