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Digital Marketing isn’t a Menu, it’s a Strategy

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jun 19, 2017 6:53:57 PM

Digital Strategies… Interrelated & Codependent

Search rankings effect traffic. Visitor engagement influence search rankings. Social media traffic signals search engines that you’re interesting. Content influences search and visitor engagement. Reviews effect conversions. Your website architecture effects your sites “stickiness”. And your calls-to-action affects your bottom-line.

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How Do I Choose the Best Domain Name?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jan 22, 2017 6:58:59 PM

Digital Marketing 101: Domain Names

Selecting the perfect domain name is crucial to your marketing efforts because the cost of changing it in the future can be very painful. Not only will it be part of your company brand, the name can actually influence consumers and search engines. If you change it in the future you may have to go back and update all of your collateral material, and even worse, negate any search engine influence that you built up over time.

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My Self-Serving List of Digital Marketing Articles that I Wrote – (2016 Edition)

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jan 1, 2017 11:32:20 AM

Each year about this time I take a moment to congratulate myself and tell the world what a great job I did sharing my vast knowledge of digital marketing. It’s not that I write particularly good (or is it well?), it’s that I can still think of things to write about.

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Make 404 Error Pages Work for You

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Nov 14, 2016 5:15:00 AM

Getting Lost Doesn’t Have to be Boring

You’ve been there, just cruising along on a website, and bam! You hit a brick wall. The dreaded “404 Page Not Found” error. Damn, what a crappy website!

Wait, how do you know that visitors to YOUR website aren’t hitting that same brick wall? Well you don’t. It could be an issue with a missing or moved page, or it might not even be an issue with your website, it could be as simple as your visitor manually mistyping in a page. It’s inevitable, so why not have some fun with it?

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The Worst Marketing Advice I Ever Got

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Nov 6, 2016 5:00:00 AM

Be Different…Just Like Everyone Else

I wasn’t always a marketing genius, and I’ve been known to seek out the advice of others. Generally I’ve found that to be a good policy.

When I first got started…in my pre “marketing genius” days, my first attempt at advertising was using the yellow pages. Ironic since I was starting a web design company. Back then the Yellow Pages were relevant, and websites weren’t.

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4 Lead Generation Strategies You Might Already be doing

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Oct 23, 2016 5:09:46 PM

Pros & Cons of Strategies You’ve Already Heard About

If you’re not familiar with these strategies, you’re probably familiar with the buzzwords. They all work great (if done correctly). There are pros and cons for each, and some make more sense based on your business. Let’s start with the one that gets leads the fastest…

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How do I start my Digital Marketing Plan?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Sep 11, 2016 4:39:59 PM

If You don’t Have Time to do it Right….

Know Where You Stand BEFORE You Spend a Dime

Chasing buzz-words and shiny objects has a tendency to lead you right back where you started…with less resources to try it again.

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Difference between Search and Social traffic?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Aug 17, 2016 4:38:37 PM

Why Social Traffic is Different than Search Traffic

Traffic to your website comes in multiple flavors, but they aren’t the same in terms of quality, cost and intent.

So the neighbor’s kid knocks a baseball through our living room window. My response is:

  1. Go to Facebook and look at pictures of cats
  2. Have a sandwich before the mayonnaise goes bad
  3. Have someone replace the window before the weather and unwanted visitors becomes an issue

If you answered “C”, you’re a conformist. Yep, you’re about to do what everyone else on the planet would do.

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How Much Does NOT Marketing Cost?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jul 6, 2016 7:18:15 AM


The Death Spiral: Failure is NOT a Strategy

This is a tough piece to write because it probably won’t have a happy ending. What prompted this is a decision that one of our client’s made just days ago.

It’s a Glass & Mirror shop down in San Diego that has been struggling for a while. They made some poor marketing decisions in the past, and I fear they just made another one.

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Essential Tips for a Great Website Footer

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jun 26, 2016 5:56:28 PM

My Footer Fetish: A Look at the Bottom

Probably the most underutilized section of any website is the footer. You know…the very bottom of the page where you usually see the outdated copyright?

Here’s your chance to add value to your visitors, find a place to put all that boring stuff that you’re sort of obligated to provide… and perhaps show off a little creativity in an otherwise underappreciated section of your website.

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