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What’s Causing Your eCommerce Website to Lose Sales?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Mar 6, 2016 8:32:35 AM


6 Ways You May be Doing eCommerce Wrong

Is your eCommerce website plagued with the empty cart syndrome? Does your site suffer from low conversion rates? Does it generate less leads and even lesser sales? If you’ve been nodding a “yes” for all the questions, you may be making some critical mistakes. We’ve created a list of mistakes you must avoid in order to boost your ecommerce site’s performance.

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Glass & Mirror Marketing: How to Leverage your partners

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Nov 15, 2015 1:07:21 PM

Think Outside the Shower

In a previous article “Don’t Sell the Shower, Sell the Bathroom” I outlined the exact sequence that we used to help market one of our glass and mirror clients sell shower doors and other glass amenities. That strategy (like this) uses glass & mirror as our example, but the concept is consistent across many industries.

The final step was presenting the type of offer that requires the consumer to engage with you in order for them to take advantage of your offer. That’s where this article picks up….

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4 Simple Things You NEED to Do with Your Domain Name

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Aug 23, 2015 8:15:00 PM


Domain Ownership Strategy

How much is your website domain name worth? I don’t mean in how much would someone pay you for it, I mean what is it worth to your company? Think of all the investment your company has made over the years;

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A Business Model that Doesn’t Make ¢ents?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jul 26, 2015 10:40:00 AM


Feasibility Check on Your Business Model…Do the Math

Got a referral from Brenda the other day. Absolutely no information on who was going to call me other than his name “Alberto”.

When Alberto called I had to confess to him that I had no previous knowledge about what he did or what he was trying to do. Alberto had a moderate Hispanic accent, but quite articulate.

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Best Filters To Have For Your Google Analytics

Posted by Geoffrey Wenger on May 29, 2015 8:40:00 AM


Most businesses that take their on-line presence seriously rely on Google Analytics as the industry standard for monitoring their performance and making incremental changes to their search efforts. Most businesses are just not doing it correctly.

I asked my Web Presence Manger, Geoff to put together an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial of how you as a business owner or marketing manager can get true actionable data to make crucial marketing decisions:

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