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What’s Causing Your eCommerce Website to Lose Sales?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Mar 6, 2016 8:32:35 AM


6 Ways You May be Doing eCommerce Wrong

Is your eCommerce website plagued with the empty cart syndrome? Does your site suffer from low conversion rates? Does it generate less leads and even lesser sales? If you’ve been nodding a “yes” for all the questions, you may be making some critical mistakes. We’ve created a list of mistakes you must avoid in order to boost your ecommerce site’s performance.

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What’s the Difference between Adaptive and Responsive Website Design?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Feb 14, 2016 8:45:34 PM


Adaptive v. Responsive Web Design
Why one might be better for you

Did you know that mobile website designs come in two flavors? Did you know there is a reason for that? Did you know that these choices have a major effect on how much work you have to do to maintain your site and how your customers interact with you? If you’re not sure which is right for your business, read on…

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Making WordPress Mobile Friendly

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jan 31, 2016 9:17:34 AM


6 Ways To Make Your WordPress Site More Responsive

While WordPress is the tool of choice for more than 75 million website owners around the globe, not all of them are as clean and quick as they should be. For your site, responsiveness is key to success, not just because Google will like your site better, but because it creates a better experience for the end-user. Follow these six steps for a more responsive, and therefore, more successful website.

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The Psychology of Website Design & Visual Trends for 2016

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jan 18, 2016 3:32:59 PM


Visual Trends for Websites and Images [Free Video Training]

I’m a better art critic than I am an artist, but one thing I do really well is pay attention to visual trends. Enough so, that I was invited to conduct a training session for hundreds of Digital Marketing Consultants at WSI’s Global Convention. Here is the video training from that live session.

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The Psychology of Website Design

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jan 11, 2016 6:48:32 AM


Why Websites Are the Way They Are
They ain't what they used to be

I’ve been managing creative people for a long time. As it turns out, I’m a better Art Director that I am an artist. But one thing I do very well, is observe. And the thing I like observing the most are design trends. In particular, website design trends.

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Testimonials are great, but Reviews are Better!

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Sep 26, 2015 10:00:00 AM


If They Don't Hate You...Brag About It

We do the online marketing for a lot of businesses so we get an unusual view of what’s actually going on. Since we monitor the traffic sources for each or our clients, I can tell you that you’d be surprised at how many “branded keywords” (variations of the company name) are actually being searched.

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Website Navigation Trends. Don’t make Me think.

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Sep 12, 2015 10:00:00 PM


Regardless of how interesting you think you are…you probably aren’t

Don’t make your visitors think. They’re on a mission to find what they are looking for, and you are on a mission to make sure they find it.

People appreciate “clever”, but not at the expense of their time. Playing hide and seek with the information they are looking for and forcing them “explore” every page on your site will not end well for you. You are only going to get so many clicks out of any visitor, so don’t just make it easy for them to find what they are looking for, lead them down a predetermined path so they find what you want them to find.

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How to Pick Killer Images for Your Blog!

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Sep 5, 2015 1:07:00 PM


Great blog post!

Now all it needs is a pathetically obvious piece of stock photo to complete that masterpiece.

OK Captain Obvious, should we go with the “Business Handshake”? Or maybe the person writing backwards on the invisible whiteboard? Na, let’s go with the closeup of the browser bar…you know, the one with the HTTP?

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Website Design Consistency Tips

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Aug 30, 2015 10:49:00 AM


4 Tips for a Consistent Web Design

Your website should not be a hodgepodge of different styles, fonts, colors and layouts. Users adapt to what they see pretty quickly, but if you keep changing the various elements that make up your website, it not only looks unprofessional and disorganized, it makes it more difficult for them to navigate and develop a sense of confidence in your site and your service.

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Coming up with Killer Web Image Ideas

Posted by Chuck Bankoff on Jun 28, 2015 6:14:00 PM

Captain Obvious Flying

OK Captain Obvious, you created your Buyer Personas and know exactly who you are targeting. You wrote some killer copy for your website, created a great offer and have your Calls To Action ready to go. But something’s missing…  

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